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Engine Boundary Oil---NNL690 

NNL690 Engine Boundary Oil is a balanced, formulated engine oil supplement. It has extreme pressure carrying capacity and a significant cleaning effect. Its boundary additives form an adhesive coating on the metal surface and increase the extreme pressure carrying capacity of the regular oil during metal to metal contact.NNL690 Engine Boundary Oil reduces wear and friction in the engine. Its detergent additives reduce sludge and varnishes deposits on engine parts and prevent sludge and varnish buildup on cylinder walls, piston heads,rings,etc.Frequent use of the Engine Boundary Oil can extend the life of engine oil and the engine itself. No other means of cleaning the engine is necessary. Our product can reduce wear up to 86.9% .

Function: Reduces dry start-ups wear.Maryn engine boundary oil strong film lubricates engine parts at start-up. Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear Particles, the efficiency of the oil filter is improved. Inhibits rust and corrosion high base number helps neutralize acids that cause corrosion. Reduces friction and metal to metal contact in high load areas of the engine. Lowers operating temperature reduces friction and lowers temperatures in critical bearing and ring zones. Prevents sludge and varnish.

Special Notations: 5% application of NNL690 Engine Boundary Oil in engine oil results in little or no change in viscosity or viscosity index of the oil. Pour Point:Maryn Engine Boundary Oil is formulated to have a negligible effect on the pour point of typical engine oils. Alkaline Reserve Maryn Engine Boundary Oil is blended with an acid scavenger to neutralize blowby gases and acidic oil degradation products. The addition of 5% Maryn Engine Boundary Oil will increase the base number of engine oils by about 0.5mg KOH/g.

Applications: Maryn Engine Boundary Oil is intended for engine crankcases at 5% of the oil volume;each oil change.

Technical Data:

AppearanceClear,light amber liquid
ColorASTM D1500L2.0
Viscosity  @40℃ASTM D44569 cSt
      @100℃ASTM D4459 cSt
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270105
Density  @15.6℃ASTM D9411.0g/ml
Pour pointASTM D97-21℃
Flash PointASTM D92195℃
Acid NumberASTM D6640.4mgKOH/ml
Zinc and lead Content   ppmNil


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