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Thixo Grease is a multi-purpose high temperature and high performance nonsoap grease. It provides lubrication during metal to metal contact caused by high loads or extreme pressure, has unequaled water wash and contamination resistance and superior protection against rust and corrosion. This product can extend the life of machine and reduce maintenance time.
Thixo Grease meets the specifications of the GB-LB,NLGI classification.

Special Features:

Significant friction and wear reduction
Extreme pressure protection (up to 200,000psi)
Extreme temperature protection
Recommended for use at-20℃ to 260 ℃,dropping point >300℃
Extreme water and corrosion protection
Outstanding shear stability
Non-toxic and heavy metal free

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Thixo Grease is high performance grease for multi-applications. It is excellent for extreme> pressure, high temperature, water resistant applications, such as wheel bearings, king pins ,ball joints, pins and bushings,chassis,U-joints and industrial bearing uses.

Technical Data:

Property Method Result

Appearance   Brown smooth
Density ASTM D941 1.05g/ml
NLGI Grade   2
Penetration ASTM D217  280
Dropping Point ASTM D2265 >572°F (300℃)
Base Oil    
Kinematic Viscosity @40℃ ASTM D445 139cSt
@100℃ ASTM D445 13cSt
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 84
Pour Point ASTM D97 -18℃
Timken OK load ASTM D2509  >70BLS(31kg)
4-Ball E.P.LWI
Weld Load
ASTM D2596 500kg(1100Lbs)
4-Ball Wear ASTM D2266 0.37mm
Corrosion Preventive Properties ASTM D1743 Pass
Oil Separation ASTM D1742 0.27%
Water Washout ASTM D1264 0.10% Loss
Work Temperature   -18℃~260℃


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