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  Power Up---Thixo_S

Power Up High Performance 100% Synthetic Grease---Thixo_S

Power Up Food Grade Grease is a state of the art high performance synthetic oil base food machinery grease which utilizes a complex calcium sulfonate thickening system. The grease is marked by its exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying properties, excellent thermal stability and particularly excellent resistance to water and corrosion. Special Benefits Complies with the FDA regulations for "incidental food contact" (formerly H1) formulated with a high performance synthetic oil.

Special Features:
Broad operating range (-40C~250C)pumpability
Extreme pressure protection up to 1.4GPa
Reduces friction caused by asperity (metal to metal contact)
Extreme water and corrosion protection
Superior anti-wear and high load carrying capabilities
Ideal for extreme winter conditions

Technical Data:

Colour Tan
Texture Smooth
Consistency(strokes, mm/10)ASTM D217280
Dropping Point °CASTM D2265318
Extreme Pressure/ Wear Performance:
Timken OK LoadASTM D250829.5Kg(60bl)
4-Ball EP:LWI,kgfASTM D259662
4-Ball weld point 500Kgf
4-Ball Wwaar(40Kg,1200rpm,75°C,1hour)ASTM D22660.38mm
Leakage/Separation Characteristics:
Oil Swparation(mass %)ASTM D17420.2
Wheel Bearing LeakageASTM D42904.0g
Corrosion Resistance:
Rust Test,ratingASTM D1743Pass
Oxidation Resistance:
Bomb Oxidation(drop after 1000hrs)ASTM D9426.0psi
Mechanical Stability:
(% change from baseline)ASTM D2172.4 worked 100,000 strokes
(50/50 water mixture) 8.0 worked 10,000 strokes
Water Performance:
Water Washout(79°C,% loss)ASTM D1264 3.5
Low Temperature Properties:
Low Temperature Torque (at -40°C N.m.)ASTM D46932.5


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